miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012

Geeky handmades and customized plushies

Welcome! Here you will only find handmade and unofficial geeky stuff.
Also, you can ask for customized artwork and original designed plushies and felties.
Some copyrighted characters can be only asked as unique commissions.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I speak  Englis and  Spanish  ( ´ ▽ ` )
Sending from Valladolid 47011, Spain

I work mainly with felt, artificial fur fabric and fleece. Prices depend on size and level of detail.
Everything is made by order. Mail me for questions and commissions: isekainohon@gmail.com

★ Felt brooches, fridge magnets and keychains (from 7'50$ to 18$)

See some examples of what I can do, click the images for more details and examples on the size of each item.


  • Chart of prices for felties:

    Prices may vary depending on detail level, ask for bigger sizes
    Euro/centimeters€13,00 EUR
    €12,00 EUR
    €11,00 EUR
    €10,00 EUR
    €  9,00 EUR
    €  7,50 EUR
    USdollar/inches$16,00 USD
    $14'50 USD
    $13,00 USD
    $11,00 USD
    $  9,00 USD
    6 inches 
    5 inches

    4 inches
    3 inches
    2 inches

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  • Ships from Spain (less than 100gr, 1 or 2 items)

    Shipping prices in EUR are approximate due to currency exchange rates

    Spain$4.00 USD
    3,50 EUR
    $6.00 USD
    5,00 EUR
    Everywhere Else$5.00 USD
    4,00 EUR
    $7.00 USD
    6,00 EUR

  • Ships from Spain (from 100 to 500gr, more than 2 items)

    Shipping prices in EUR are approximate due to currency exchange rates

    Spain$6.00 USD
    5,00 EUR
    $6.00 USD
    5,00 EUR
    Everywhere Else$7.00 USD
    6,00 EUR
    $7.00 USD
    6,00 EUR

★ Hairclips and minimalist phone charms (from 5$ to 10$)

Easy to make, easy to wear. Get a discount by purchasing more than 2 items from this category.

★ Pockets & socks for smartphones and glasses (from 10$ to 16$)

Base can be made of fleece, fur or felt. Details with felt. Customizable for every kind of device.
Felt is a delicate fabric so these aren't intended to be in your trousers pocket.


★ Plushies and other commissions (from 15$ to 25$)

Some copyrighted characters cannot be ordered, others only as a commission. I do original design plushies, but mainly geeky and fanart, all of them with my own patterns.

★ Customized fleece or fur kigurumi hats (from 20$ to 30$)

Customized animal hats. Models can be made with faux fur (left image) or with fleece (right image).

★ Customized plushies and anthro dolls min. size 21cm, from 36$ -30€ to 99$ - 80€

Customized items include clothing, makeup and other complements like shoes. For extra complements ask before purchasing, i do my own designs and patterns for unique pieces, based on what the customer ask for.